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Infamous [Unlimited] 508/525

Runescape Privat Server 508/525 Infamous PvP

    x Moderator, Gl Gf Gl Mod Application


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    x Moderator, Gl Gf Gl Mod Application

    Post  TD on Tue May 11, 2010 12:38 am

    Hey, hello, guten tag? lol

    Well yeah its your X-moderator of reborned pvp (:
    Let me get started :p

    Ingame name: Gl gf Gl
    Real Name: Samuel, yeh its samuel BOIII
    Activeness: 1-3hrs on week days, 3-4 on weekends
    Life: Sports, girls, friends and etc.
    Friends with staff?: yeah, corrupt tank, j a z z y, and Samuel. Best staff hehe

    Am I Experience?
    I must have if i was X Mod Lol. but yeh I'm experience. I been administrator/moderator on serval servers!
    Moderator: Reborned pvp, Original Unlimited pvp,pktilldeathscape
    Admin: Sepctroscape, Marvelscape(co-owner), Abbyscape(co-owner)
    I treat players fairly, and if you start to act up or anything i do what i do. Warn once, Jail 2nd time, 3rd time well idk since im not adminstrator can't ban so i guess another jail or report to admin. If player fights with another player talking about runescape saying like "your nerd for blah blah" and etc, i join and make them both shut up cause quiet annoying for people 2 fight over runescape private server no offense. If spammer comes and if moderators have hostmute(which i doubt) i mute the spammers. If player spamming irregularly i will give them a warning and next time its the same procedure, warn,Jail,Jail again, report to adminstrator.

    What Will maybe do?
    maybe? nah i will do it actually, i would prevent stuff from happening. Use my experiences as mod keep players happy. More videos i will to towards server, warning people if or if not im staff something their doing wrong. Not to be a goodie 2 shoe lol.

    Well the essay? i guess i did I'm like actually like that.
    Extra Info: If i get abusive because 1. your on my nervs
    2.your on my nervus
    3. your just on my nervs
    extra extra:
    I speak proper english
    Funny xD
    again sporty and have tips on everything you'll need that i will possible know.
    Anyway, i would like it if you took the time to read this. I know its long, but i want to persuade you to make me Moderator again.

    Yours Hottest,
    The X-moderator Gl Gf Gl

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