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Infamous [Unlimited] 508/525

Runescape Privat Server 508/525 Infamous PvP

    ..Forums Suggestion (Major revamp)..


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    ..Forums Suggestion (Major revamp)..

    Post  Tormented on Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:21 am

    I noticed the forum is kind of, well actually very messy. I think that steps can be taken to clean up where things go and also add new forums as well.

    A successful server needs to be organized!

    Here is a layout that can be done to help organize everything:

    -Category(choices narrowed from the category)
    --Subcategory(user made topics here) ~(DESCRIPTION)

    This will make more sense when you see it!

    -Server News
    --News ~Staff update news for anything related to the server.
    --Rules ~Official rules can be posted here by staff.
    --Updates ~Updates or possibly polls for updates can be put here.
    --Donating ~Donating information, benefits, etc here.
    --Client Download ~Client updates/latest downloads can be posted here for convenience.

    --Server Chat ~Users talk about anything here, having to do with the server.
    -- Unlimited PKing ~Talk about/post pk pics or videos here.
    --Off-Topic ~Talk about anything but the server here.
    --Staff Application ~Owner can lock this forum if no staff are needed at the time.

    --Rants ~Rant about the server here, no flaming/appeal-banning!
    --Compliments ~Compliment things about the server that you like
    --Suggestions ~Suggest something for the server or forums here.
    --Staff Feeback ~Rant or compliment about the staff here.

    --General ~Post pictures of anything, keep it pg-13.
    --Comedy ~Post funny pictures, videos etc here, keep it pg-13.

    --General ~Talk about RuneScape generally, here.
    --Pictures ~Post pictures of your RS account, etc.
    --Botting ~Talk about RuneScape botting, or other methods of it here.


    Yes, I know thats a lot of forums to add, but if don't want to do this exactly, thats fine! Think of this as a big suggestion on how to organize, I would like to see the server AND forums grow as well! Thanks for reading my suggestion. Feedback is appreciated.

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